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The Risk Navigator Strategic Risk Management process is a ten step process designed to help farm and ranch producers manage their risks. The Risk Navigator Strategic Risk Management process is divided into three main parts: strategic, tactical, and operational. It is designed to be cyclical as a reminder that risk management is a continuous process that requires evaluation and adaptation as conditions change. Risk Navigator consists of two primary products. The first is an eighteen chapter textbook titled Applied Risk Management in Agriculture. The second is a comprehensive website RiskNavigatorSRM.com with dozens of risk management software tools, tutorials, and related risk management materials to accompany and supplement the book.  Dr. Jay Parsons, President of Optimal Ag Consulting, contributed as an author and co-author on several chapters in the Applied Risk Management in Agriculture textbook and was heavily involved in the development of the Risk Navigator toolbox and other material offered on the RiskNavigatorSRM.com website. In consultation with project team members, Optimal Ag is responsible for the development, enhancement, and maintenance of the RiskNavigatorSRM.com website.

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