Optimal Ag Consulting, Inc.

"Agriculture at its best"

Optimal Ag is a research and consulting firm dedicated to helping agricultural producers and those who serve them. Our primary application focuses are in the areas of risk management, decision analysis, production economics, livestock management, livestock identification systems, and education.  Our goal is to help people be successful by taking the time to understand their problems and how we can help them fill their needs.

Optimal Livestock Services LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Optimal Ag Consulting focused on the optimization of sheep and goat herd health, breeding soundness, and excellent flock management with consistent technical practices. Geri Parsons, CVT, founded Optimal Livestock Services in 2009 in consultation with the late Dr. Cleon Kimberling, DVM. Coupling animal health skills with years of sheep industry knowledge and expertise, Optimal Livestock Services provides a complete resource for sustainable herd health, focused on maximizing producer profitability. Optimal Livestock Services also provides educational materials to producers through presentations, brochures, and online articles posted on Cleon’s Corner, a website developed and maintained by Optimal Ag Consulting.

Optimal Ag is a member of RightRisk, a collaborative risk education effort to help farmers and ranchers understand and explore risk management decisions and evaluate the effects of those decisions. In consultation with other RightRisk members, Optimal Ag Consulting, Inc. is responsible for the development, enhancement, and maintenance of the code for Ag Survivor, a series of risk management simulations designed for farmers and ranchers to explore different risk management strategies. Optimal Ag Consulting is also responsible for the development, enhancement, and maintenance of RiskNavigatorSRM.com, home to the Risk Navigator Strategic Risk Management process. Dr. Jay Parsons, President of Optimal Ag Consulting, is a co-author and collaborator on the Risk Navigator SRM project which includes a textbook (Applied Risk Management in Agriculture), a toolbox with 25 software tools for managing and analyzing risk, and an online 10 module course in strategic risk management.

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