Ag Survivor

Using real world farm/ranch settings and agricultural economics, the Ag Survivor series of simulations presented by RightRisk allow people interested in farm and ranch production to practice managing risk. Users of the simulations face many kinds of risk and have several choices for risk management strategies. The simulations allow them to explore many options and compare one risk management strategy against another. They can run the simulations as many times as desired to determine the proper mix of strategy and distinguish good strategy from the luck of the draw. In the end, the practice and knowledge gained through Ag Survivor simulations facilitate improved decisions for farm and ranch operations.

In addition to his involvement in live educational programs using Ag Survivor simulations, Dr. Jay Parsons, President of Optimal Ag Consulting, has been the primary programming force behind the software design and coding for the Ag Survivor series. The early Ag Survivor scenarios were originally programmed using Microsoft Excel with VBA coding. The Ag Survivor software has evolved over the years to the point that scenarios are now programmed using Microsoft .Net technology for web applications. In consultation with other RightRisk team members, Optimal Ag Consulting, Inc. is responsible for the development, enhancement, and maintenance of the code for the Ag Survivor series of risk management simulations and the website.

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