Jay Parsons


Jay Parsons is President and Founder of Optimal Ag Consulting, Inc. He grew up on a diversified crop and livestock farm in the southwestern panhandle of Nebraska and has attended Hastings College and Colorado State University. He has earned a bachelor's degree in mathematics and mathematics education, a master's degree in mathematics, and a Ph.D. in agricultural economics. His areas of specialization include production economics, risk management, and decision analysis. His current work is focused on helping farmers and ranchers understand risk and emerging management tools. He is an Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics at the University of Nebraska and remains active as a stake holder in the family farming operation.

Jim Bradney


Jim has a diverse LAN/WAN Systems and Network background with 10+ years experience designing, installing,implementing and supporting local area networks. His experience includes software design, development and testing. He has worked with a wide range of Microsoft and Unix based operating systems. His most recent experience includes website design and ASP.NET application development.

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