Risk Preference Tool

Risk Preference Calculator

Would you give up income to have less risk or take on more risk to make more money? If so, how much risk would you exchange for profits? Everyone has different attitudes about risk. Fortunately, researchers in different fields have developed differentmethods to portray individual risk attitudes. This tool has three methods. Experiment with one or all of them.

  1. Take a Quiz:

    Take a quiz to determine how tolerant you are to risk compared to other producers.

  2. Estimate My Preference:

    Estimate your risk preference and tolerance score based on how much you would spend to produce onions.

  3. Industry Risk Preference:

    Researchers have estimated how risk tolerant a "typical" business owner is based on the business's income, sales or equity.

By: Dana Hoag, Jay Parsons, Jim Bradney, Catherine Keske, and Eihab Fathelrahman
Contact: dana.hoag@colostate.edu

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